This platform tells the stories behind the numbers.

It intends to give an insight of what is actually happening on the ground with respect to achieving economic development and food security in Ethiopia. The Netherlands Embassy and its project partners combine support for small-scale farmers and the commercial sector by bridging the traditional areas of aid and trade.

The Netherlands have taken up the challenge to strike a balance between the classical development and the emerging agenda in which the private sector plays a prominent role. This change has caused debate, which is going to continue: Is the new development cooperation effective? Can more emphasis on trade and economic development lead to the necessary transition in our relationship with development countries? And which new development approaches work and where do we need to adjust our strategies?

This platform is a collection of the experiences from Dutch supported Food Security and Agricultural Growth projects in Ethiopia. These include to a large extent activities funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa, but also activities that are centrally funded from the Dutch seat of government in The Hague (like the financial instruments that support private sector development).


The magic is in the mix: bringing faces and facts together.

Every person involved or impacted by the work of Dutch food security projects, tells his or her story amplified by facts and results. Each story stands on its own - as a module. Together they create the bigger picture.

Online the stories are connected in different ways. Via the filter you can select from various actors and themes – changing the modules to show all the stories of your selection.

For whom

This platform is meant for anyone interested to learn more about the development programme of the Netherlands in Ethiopia - in relation to food security and economic development.

From aid to trade. From individual experiences to a wider context and public. The aim is to provide more insight in what has been achieved on this subject by the Netherlands and its project partners - told by the people themselves. They are the ambassadors of this platform. These are their stories.

The platform also offers an opportunity for all the Dutch project partners to share news, events and achievements creating strong links to their own online presence.

By whom

This online knowledge platform is initiated by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia - as part of their external communication strategy. Together with their project partners the Netherlands Embassy is making a difference in food security and economic development in Ethiopia and it is proud to share these results.

It is the strong ambition of the Embassy to communicate about its work and results in an open way to a larger audience in Ethiopia and beyond. Not in particular to improve its own profile, but to facilitate the debate on effective and efficient development cooperation and economic development leading to more interaction between the public and partners – two-ways.