CASCAPE stands for ‘Capacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practices in agricultural production in Ethiopia’. Initiated by Ethiopia and the Netherlands, the pilot project started in 2011 and is implemented in line with the Agricultural Growth Programme (AGP) of the Ethiopian government.

Research is an integral part of the project, and connections are made between universities, research centres and the extension staff. Besides the development and testing of new seed varieties, Regional Agricultural Research Institutes (RARIs) also work on soil fertility management, agronomic practices and water management.

In Amhara region, CASCAPE’s innovator teams (ITs) are based at Bahir Dar University. Besides the coordinator, assistant coordinator and six full-time staff, two part-time innovators from ARARI complete the team. They advise the steering committee on issues such as agronomy packages and manuals and train development agents and subject matter experts on seed quality control.