CASCAPE stands for ‘Capacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practices in agricultural production in Ethiopia’. Initiated by Ethiopia and the Netherlands, the project started in 2011 and is implemented in line with the Agricultural Growth Programme (AGP) of the Ethiopian government. So-called innovator teams (ITs) specialising in crops, livestock, nutrition, natural resource management, economy and extension train local experts and extension workers to develop tailored solutions in agriculture together with the targeted farmers.

Under the guidance of the ITs, new seeds are distributed and suitable locations for demonstrations plots are selected. They are usually found at one of CASCAPE’s Farmers Training Centres (FTC) or at fields of model farmers. These plots are crucial in showing farmers the difference between new and old technologies, e.g. row planting of seeds versus broadcasting planting. Another opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences are field days, which are organised on a regular basis and are open to all stakeholders.