Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Call for Application

The Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility is a grant programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It falls under the policy priority of food security, which focuses on increasing and enhancing sustainable food production as well as achieving more efficient agricultural water use, particularly in irrigated areas and water basins in the G4AW partner countries.

The available budget for the G4AW call of 2017-2018 is 19.8 million euro. The final submition date is 14 September 2017, but there are other application dates - read more here.

26 March 2017

NEW AGRIBUSINESS COURSE, Scholarship application deadline is 22 March 2017

New Agribusiness Course from ICRA on “Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit - Learning key skills for inclusive business brokerage” For: Professionals providing agribusiness support services to small-scale farmers, processors and other affiliated enterprises
Date and location: 13 -24 November 2017 in Ibadan, Nigeria
Candidates can apply here and click here for scholarship information.

8 March 2017

What can Ethiopia learn from Kenya in the Horticulture Sector Development?

1st Feb 2017, AgriProFocus Kenya

SNV Ethiopia and Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources recently had a study tour to Kenya - facilitated by AgriProFocus Kenya.
Objectives of the tour was to understand the Kenya national experience in horticulture development and to learn from SNV Kenya experience in agricultural development in horticulture sector. Read more.

5 February 2017

SMIS: Presentation at the Amhara Agricultural Forum

8th December 2016, SMIS

Small Scale and Micro Irrigation Support Project (SMIS) is one of the projects funded by the Dutch Government through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia. On December 8, 2016, SMIS organized the Amhara Agricultural Forum 2016 (AAF ’16) in collaboration with AgroBIG and One Acre Fund. Find presentation and more HERE.

5 February 2017

ICRA Courses for professionals working in higher education and outreach, agricultural research and agri-business

For application deadline and for detail information, click on the courses

10 January 2017

Ethiopia: Auspicious Move to Ensure Food Security

11th December 2016

Attaining food security in Ethiopia is not an independent variable . . . Ethiopia's food security programme cannot bring about the desired results, without considering the youth, which is the most decisive work force in the country. Read more.

9 January 2017

BENEFIT-SBN: Sesame field day organised for financial institutions

28th October 2016, BENEFIT-SBN

The filed visit and the discussions made after the visit helped representatives of financial organisations to be aware of the different costs that farmers incur when they are using conventional and improved production technologies. Read more.

21 November 2016

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed agreement with INBAR for Bamboo development in Africa

2nd August 2016, International Network for Bamboo and Rattan

On Tuesday the 2nd of August, 2016 officials from the government of Netherlands, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and China along with Council Working Group of INBAR representing its 41 member states gathered for the formal signing of an agreement between INBAR (International Network for Bamboo and Rattan) and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aimed at developing the bamboo sector in East Africa, over the next three years. Ethiopia holds around 70% share of bamboo natural resource in Africa. Read more.

4 August 2016

Poultry Learning Labs organized in Ethiopia

21st July 2006, AgriProFocus Ethiopia

AgriProFocus Ethiopia in collaboration with PUM, Netherlands Senior Experts, organized a three days poultry learning labs to smallholder poultry keepers in Bishoftu. Three poultry firms which have been financially supported by EKN through the FSRE Fund have served as learning labs for the training. Read more.

3 August 2016

First International Agro-Industry Investment Forum in Addis Ababa

15th July 2006, Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia has strong ambitions to accelerate its agro-industry through the development of Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks (IAIPs). From 5 to 7 October the first International Agro-Industry Investment Forum will take place in Addis Ababa. The event will be hosted by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, His Excellency Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn. Read more.

3 August 2016